We are delighted to have been selected by a number of key brands to represent them in the UK and various other parts of the world.

Arthur Price is a family run company with more than 100 years’ expertise in manufacturing and retailing top quality cutlery, tableware and gifts. The range includes silver, silver plate and stainless cutlery and giftware, which we are now making available to the US market.

Bronte Porcelain is proudly based in Worcestershire, a county associated with fine china for more than two-and-a-half centuries. Every item created in Bronte’s studios is made and decorated entirely by hand using the finest English bone china, from intricate models of animals and flowers to lifelike human figures and exquisite hand-painted plaques.  The skill and flexibility of the artists mean that they can create individual commissions as well as limited edition pieces, and our customers include collectors and connoisseurs around the world; and even royalty.

David Redman is a highly regarded designer who has an enviable reputation with the most discerning of clients. There is a huge portfolio of world-class crystal, bone china, porcelain and jewellery that has graced the palaces and penthouses of those who appreciate the exclusivity of a totally bespoke creation.

De Rosa Collections proudly spans fifty years and it remains a well-established, family run business. We are delighted to be the exclusive UK agent for this exciting range.  De Rosa’s unique works of ceramic art are designed by artisans and craftsman.
 The skilled carving technique means that every piece is an original as no two pieces are ever carved exactly the same. Hand-painters use a special brush to apply the bright enamel glazes and metals, accentuating the individual ‘personality’ of the De Rosa Collection figurines.  These brightly coloured jewels in the world of hand-crafted ceramic design are made exclusively in the state of Canelones, Uruguay, South America.

Grant Macdonald was founded over 40 years ago by silversmith Grant Macdonald. Initially specialising in commission only and bespoke pieces, today Grant Macdonald has developed into an internationally renowned brand.  With design and development capabilities second to none even bespoke cutlery is not something that need be dismissed as impossible or prohibitively expensive.

Herend is based near Middle Europe’s largest lake, among the slopes of the Bakony Mountains, the world’s largest porcelain manufactory has been operating for over 180 years relying on its extensive, well-established knowledge. The company that started in 1826 as a factory with just a few employees became a favoured brand among rulers, famous historical figures, leading businessmen and artists. Now a renowned major company known in almost every country of the world, Herend is part of the Hungarian Heritage.

Noritake have a long and illustrious history in the tabletop sector although their distribution in the UK is not as extensive as it should be given the wonderful range of patterns that are available.  Working across the whole of the UK we hope to be able to make more customers and consumers aware of this range.

Varga Crystal have some of the best designers, engravers and cutters in the world and have the most inspired range of high quality crystal available anywhere.  A must for those who appreciate quality and artisan craftsmanship over mass production.

Villeroy & Boch is a hugely respected name in the industry and we are delighted to be representing them in parts of the UK market.  An extensive range of tableware, glassware and cutlery is available for retailers and interior design boutiques.

William Edwards is based in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries.  With the advantage of in-house design, printing and decorating facilities it is hardly surprising that the list of clients includes discerning private clients as well as the worlds top hotels and private dining establishments. Over 200 bespoke designs are available for clients to work with as well as a range of standard patterns which can be personalised if required.